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Eleanor Chávez
The experience we trust.
The leadership we need.

Eleanor with labor leader Cesar Chavez, 1990

IMG_6729 3.jpg

Eleanor with Representative Garcia

A history of leadership...

Eleanor has never shied away from courageous leadership. She has led a storied career fighting for the rights of women, workers, children, families, and educators. Her focused experience is a testament to her dedication to what matters most. As a native New Mexican, she has a deep-rooted commitment to working hard towards innovative change that will uplift communities who need it most. Eleanor would be proud to represent the community where she raised her kids and work towards progressive change for HD 26.

Eleanor at her home in Westgate

Thank you for your support!

It took a tremendous amount of community support to win District 26.  Volunteers were at the very heart of our campaign. We thank you!

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